Laser Hair Removal



Gold standard hair reduction

Are you looking for a safe, results-driven and affordable treatment for hair reduction? We use the latest Laser hair removal machine, a worldwide gold standard for laser hair removal. This laser treats larger areas, making it faster and it’s a game-changer . . . we can treat both lighter and darker skin types

Smooth & hairless. It’s that simple

Have you had it with waxing and shaving? Does hair grow in places that should be hair-free? Laser hair removal is a safe and gentle way of reducing hair from unwanted parts of your body, including your face. At AlRawi Medical Center we use the latest version of the Laser Machine, which is the most comfortable and effective laser for all skin types.

No more waxing and shaving

The laser works by using light waves to target and destroy the hair follicles’ roots. The surrounding skin areas are not affected, therefore there is no downtime and you can leave the clinic right after the treatment. After a few treatments the results are long lasting and you can forget about traditional hair removal methods. We recommend taking advantage of our free initial consultation to determine the optimum number of treatments for the best results.

Respect for your skin

Our highly trained clinicians have the knowledge to ensure fast and accurate hair removal. The Deka laser available at AlRawi Medical Center is designed with sensitive skin in mind. It can therefore be used on all areas of your body, including the bikini lines, legs, underarms, jawline, nose, eyebrows and chin. The laser features superior air cooling which calms and soothes the skin in order to ensure your maximum comfort during the treatment.

The difference is in the experience

Upon your arrival one of our clinic’s qualified clinicians will sit with you in a confidential meeting where they will take into account your skin particularities. It is advised to let the clinician know about any skin marks, sunburns or fake tans or if you are on any medication. The therapist will create a personalised treatment plan including the number of required hair removal sessions, pre and post treatment care, as well as other useful information about the procedure.