PRP For Hair Loss



Cost-effective & proven treatment for hair loss

Our advanced PRP for hair loss treatment can regenerate and repair your damaged hair follicles, thickening and strengthening the fine spindly hair that grows from them without the need for repetitive daily chemical applications or expensive surgical procedures.

Regrow thinning hair

Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) cell therapy is a proven and safe procedure that uses the body’s own cells to stimulate hair growth. We can regenerate and repair your damaged hair follicles by injecting growth factors derived from PRP into the scalp area with no surgery and no downtime.

Reduce the rate of hair loss

PRP hair loss treatment will only work effectively when started before hair follicles have deteriorated or been completely destroyed for a long time with typical male or female pattern baldness. The earlier you start, the better the response to the growth factors will be.

Stimulate collagen production

Growth factors activate and stimulate the multiplication of collagen-producing cells improving the overall health & condition of your scalp. It requires a great deal of experience and expertise to apply PRP treatments to get optimal results. At AlRawi Medical Center our skilled staff uses the highest quality PRP treatments to deliver such results.

Approved PRP harvesting system

We only use the best, officially approved, PRP harvesting systems which yield 8-9% concentration of Platelet Rich Plasma to deliver outstanding results. Discounted non-approved systems produce much lower yields of around 2% and are not as effective.